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Don't Let Medical Collections Slip Through The Cracks


Everyday there are more people who need to get treatment for medical purposes. Be it is at a doctor's office or a hospital, insurance companies may at times get overwhelmed with payment requests and forms for all the patients they have. However, doctors, that treated the patients, need to receive their money in a timely manner. Some patients, that don't have insurance, are responsible for paying their own bill, in full. This is where a lot of the time, doctors don't see their money and have to put the bills to a medical collection company.

A medical collection company is going to do all the work for the doctor's office or hospital. The type of work they will perform is to track down the patient, send out billing information to the patient, and start contacting them by phone. They will do all the collection work for the doctor's office. They understand that doctor's and their staff are busy and cannot take time out of their day to contact all the patients and ask for the funds owed. Most medical collection agencies are a division of a larger, professional commercial debt collection agency

The collection agency will treat the doctor's patients as their own. This way the doctor office doesn't have to worry or have a fear of losing their patients, just because they started getting collection calls. The agency will let the patients know how much their business is appreciate and will work out a payment plan with them, that will fit their needs. This way the patients will still be able to make some type of payment towards the amount due, until it is paid off in full. You can follow this link for more details on debt collection services 
that your company can utilize.

A medical collection company will also be able to contact the insurance companies to collect payment on the patients account needed. They will be able to work with the insurance company to find out where their portions of the payments are at. This will help keep the insurance company on their toes and distribute the funds needed to cover the patient's bill. 

By using a collection company such as us here at Pioneer Capital Solutions, the doctor's office will be able to get their funds a lot faster and don't have to stress about making those calls themselves. They can be stress free and know that all the accounts are being taken care of, accordingly. The agency will be able to keep the office informed of the process, help keep all the records updated on the patients, and the payments that have been made. This will help the doctor's office to have records they need and any other accounting information. If these services sound like something that can benefit your company, visit our contact page  and give us a call to get the process started!

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