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Don’t Believe The Hype


As a species, we’re vulnerable to hype – whether it’s fads or celebrity news or advertisements for the latest exercise videos or. I’m sure we don’t mean to be so gullible; but it’s easy to be swayed, most often, by the loudest voice in the room.

The collection industry is well aware of how challenging the ‘Court of Public Opinion’ can be. It’s an industry that is vital to the continued health and well-being of the economy. Yet at the same time, it is among the most maligned of industries.

The media is quick to pick up on stories about collection agencies, how we’re the most complained about industry in which people interact with. Numbers are brought to the four front, but with no real context. Without taking a little deeper look into the data, it is easy to assume the collection industry is  full of horrible people whose sole purpose is to take advantage of those most vulnerable. If one tries to challenge that notion, people can always just point to the complaint numbers. However, that is not the prevailing truth of this industry.  It is in collectors’ best interest to collect debt in an ethical and legally compliant manner. And while the loud voices in the room are easy to hear, there are others out there who have had a positive experience with a collection agency. They were able, with the help of a collector, to repay their obligation and get back on a stabler track financially.

To help counterbalance some of the negative press out there, we wanted to take a moment to share a thank-you note we received from a consumer with whom one of our collectors worked:

Thank you so much for being so kind & patient with us. There aren’t to many people in the business that you are in that treat people with kindness the way you do. May god bless you today & always.

This note was sent to 1 of our collectors. This makes us remember that we can help people through a difficult situation. We are very proud of the reputation we have earned and hope to continue to be a good example in the future.

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